Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and a time to see family and friends from home. It’s also a chance to participate in several traditional national pastimes: gorging on food, watching football and competitive shopping.

But just because you’re attending a holiday devoted to baking and eating, doesn’t mean you can’t look chic. No matter where you’re going, it’s always safe to wear dark fall colors and comfortable knits.

Tablecloth, candles and distant family

A fancier Thanksgiving may not be the best place to wear sweatpants (even if it’s tempting), but you can still be comfy.

Wear a dark-colored oversized turtleneck with cigarette pants and loafers. The idea is to look cute while still conservative. You may have yet to declare your major and yes, you’re still single, but your extended family will definitely feel confident in your obscure future plans if you look put together — and believe me, that’s enough for your grandma to brag to her aerobics class about. Although turtlenecks are definitely making a comeback (thanks, Drake), if you’re not in on the trend, wear a loose crewneck or a small knit sweater with a statement necklace.

Like the necklace, but not feeling pants? (Understandable. Your food baby cannot be restrained by constricting trousers). A fit-and-flare dress is a great option. A long-sleeve LBD with a bold necklace or scarf, or a short-sleeve dress with a cardigan and fun jewelry are also always go-to options, as well as comfortable for any given holiday.

Store-bought pumpkin pie, football, nuclear family / Friendsgiving

Maybe you haven’t seen your family since coming to school in August, but you did every day before that for 18 years. It’s not exactly a time to be fancy as you may be cooking, but it’s a national holiday and you’re feasting, so why not?

This is the perfect occasion for everyone’s favorite knitwear: the blanket sweater. If you’re cooking or hosting, you can spend the day in leggings and a basic tee, only to throw on a blanket sweater when guests arrive. Think of them as a classy snuggie: you can’t go wrong.

I understand everyone may not be as obsessed with blanket sweaters as I am, so a chunky oversized knit also has the same effect: cozy, comfy and perfect with leggings. Pair either with ankle boots and you’re good to feast, trust me.

Black Friday!

Consumerism on steroids! If you’re over your family, or want to spend quality time being dragged through the mall to get holiday shopping over with or just snag a TV for your apartment, this is the time.

It’s cold out and lots of time will be wasted standing around waiting in line. Plus, you already spent the whole day looking nice for your family and friends; now is the time to wear leggings, boots and a sweatshirt. Remember, everyone else in that outrageous Macy’s or H&M line is also exhausted AF, so even attempting to look relatively decent will put you first in line for best-dressed post-turkey.

And, if you have no interest to shop until you drop, the same outfit is perfect for a night of movie watching with the family. Or, if you’re like me, tragic amounts of online Black Friday shopping (all the fun with little effort expended).

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