Best Party Store: Campus Corner

Delaney Ryan/Daily
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By Conrad Foreman, Daily Arts Writer
Published April 10, 2015

In need of snacks, drinks, household necessities, baking ingredients or, of course, booze — there’s no better spot than Campus Corner. Located at State and Packard, the all-in-one convenience store serves all the needs of its primary clientele: college students. Walk in on any Thursday, Friday or Saturday and you’re sure to find several groups of soon-to-be-pre-gamers picking their poison for the night — as a resident of one of the apartments above Campus Corner, I can promise this. (I’ve learned to maintain my dignity while standing in line wearing pajamas to buy chocolate chips among people that have evening plans beyond baking.)

It takes only a few key elements to run a smooth operation as a party store: a good location; a wide variety of sweet, salty, savory snacks and various beverages to quench any thirst; quick service and fair prices. Few establishments put together such a profitable combination. Campus Corner has done so, and on top of that provides a surprisingly large selection of miscellaneous items that no other store has for you at 2 a.m. Long live Campus Corner.