Best Pizza: Pizza House

Paul Sherman/Daily
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By Katie Conklin, Daily Sports Writer
Published April 10, 2015

At the end of a night complete with the shenanigans of Rick’s, Skeeps or 'Tina Tuesday, your stomach is sure to growl. What could be better to fill that empty, occasionally queasy void then some ooey-gooey carbs? That’s right folks, the epitome of college food, pizza. And here in Ann Arbor, we are lucky to have pizza joints spreading from South U all the way to Main Street. However, when you’re craving some cheesy, bready goodness, most don’t look any farther than Pizza House.

An overall favorite, the cheesy bread, dipped in marinara, ranch or chipati sauce, is sure to please. Add some feta to that favorite, and we have ourselves another winner in Pizza House’s very own Feta Bread. “There’s no better way to spend $11,” said LSA freshman Kendra Repo on the delicacy. While at Pizza House, though, make sure to try the variety of pies offered, from bacon cheddar cheeseburger to Chicago style. No matter what you’re craving or what time of day (or night … or morning …) there is something to please everyone’s palate.