Trailer Review: Natalie Portman rules 'The Dark World'


By Akshay Seth, Daily B-Side Editor
Published November 7, 2013

Comic book aficionados across the planet (or realistically, the ones that read the Daily), dust off your war hammers and throw on the best Loki costumes you can find because “Portman: The Dark World” has arrived. Wait, that’s not right. “Thor: The Dark World” has arrived. But let’s be honest: Who here hasn’t had enough of Chris Hemsworth flexing and grunting as that fake six-pack ripples in the sunlight (it’s too flawless to be real)? The real reason people should be enamored by Marvel’s latest attempt to resuscitate the superhero-movie genre is the return of Natalie Portman, coming off a two-year hiatus after winning an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2011.


"Thor: The Dark World"
Nov. 8

The trailer marginalizes the fantasized tale of divinity meeting humanity that defined “Thor,” looking to be a drawn-out version of the original’s initial 60 minutes. Our demigod hero marches around looking flustered, screaming in his Australian-slash-British accent as masked aliens attack Asgard. There are plenty of good bits featuring that classic shot of Hemsworth gazing toward the sky and bellowing as lightning engulfs his hammer, but all eyes are on Portman.

She carries herself with poise, giving passing hints at a sadness that may finally confirm that this is indeed her last role in a Marvel film. Is it? I guess we’ll find out Friday.