Episode Review: 'Masters of Sex' finally get down to business


By Maddie Thomas, Daily Arts Writer
Published November 14, 2013

It took half a season to do it, but “Masters of Sex” moved past awkward foreplay and finally got down to business in Sunday night’s “All Together Now.” Things really are coming together for the fledgling drama: The fabulous Allison Janney is involved in a multi-episode affair, there are two established love triangles forming around Virginia, Jane can spell anesthesia and, oh yeah, Masters and Johnson have started having sex (scientific sex, of course, but sex nonetheless).


"Masters of Sex"
"Recall Vote"

For the first time, the secondary plots line up with the main plot to make a point. Every character is trying to figure out her or his own sex life, whether it’s middle-aged Mrs. Scully having her first orgasm with a hot, young doctor, Mr. Scully developing an emotional relationship with his male hooker and friend, or Dr. Haas trying to work through a relationship with the girl he deflowered. All of these different experiences surround the protagonists’ storyline to highlight what Masters and Johnson can’t seem to understand: Sex is never just sex.

A show about sex will draw viewers because it’s a show about sex, but until now, “Masters” has relied a little too heavily on the shock-factor of televised nudity to pique its audience’s interest. In “All Together Now,” the writing works. The stakes heighten, and a new tension is introduced between Masters and Johnson that will hopefully carry through the rest of the season.