Episode Review: Not enough laughs on latest, mean 'Girl'


By Drew Maron, Daily Arts Writer
Published October 3, 2013

When did “New Girl” become so mean? Viewers fell in love with Jess and the gang when we were laughing with them, not just at their expense. It’s getting harder and harder to sympathize with people when they’re either cheating or contemplating cat murder (even though it’s hysterical).

New Girl


The show is at its best when it’s at its most relatable and though “Nerd” has its share of classic “New Girl” moments (Nick and Jess bribing the “cool” teachers with free drinks, Winston breaking up with Daisy by also taking her cat), the story of Schmidt cheating on Cece with Elizabeth casts a fog over the rest of the episode. Schmidt’s antics have always been over-the-top but never have they been more than innocent. Cece is a great character and it’s just cruel to watch him cheat on her.

These characters are not on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” where it’s funny when characters do bad things. The characters of “New Girl” are smart, relatable and oftentimes caring. Cheating and cat murder isn’t their style.