Trailer Review: Fassbender hides chiseled face in 'Frank'


By Akshay Seth, Managing Arts Editor
Published September 3, 2014

Michael Fassbender is one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood. He can act; he’s hilarious; he’s Magneto — all things which, in order to have their fullest impact, require that the audience have a vision of that perfect, chiseled, fuckable face. But in “Frank,” Lenny Abrahamson’s intriguing new exploration of eccentric musician Frank Sidebottom’s life, Fassbender wears a mask in a vast majority of the film’s 95-minute runtime. And by looks of the trailer, Fassy pulls it off. Quirky, intelligent, but above all funny, the movie sports a unique brand of visual comedy reminiscent of a Wes Anderson-Edgar Wright crossover. But the beating heart of the film is Fassbender's shaking, palpitating body to convey emotion without being able to rely on his face. The film debuts at The Michigan Theater this Friday, so to witness what appears to be a brilliant new chapter in Magneto’s career, check it out.