Music Video Review: Mike WiLL makes Michael Jordan lame


By Kayla Upadhyaya, Managing Arts Editor
Published September 26, 2013

The video for rapper Mike WiLL Made It’s Michael Jordan-lauding banger “23” looks like someone took every piece of Chicago Bulls paraphernalia in the world, dumped it in a high school and pressed blend. It’s a pile of red and black vomit and a poorly edited mishmash of uninspired shots: Mike WiLL takes over the school PA system, Juicy J bobs in a classroom, Wiz Khalifa mixes potions in the chemistry lab and Miley Cyrus sits atop a basketball hoop throne holding a bedazzled basketball. Everyone’s wearing J’s (and the song will remind you so every 10 seconds). Oh, and Miley raps.


Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus

Well, it’s not really rapping: According to Miley, she’s “not a rapper.” “It’s my rapping,” she told MTV News. “It’s my own swag.”

It’s unclear what exactly that means, just as it’s unclear whether Mike WiLL — who co-directed the video with Hannah Lux Davis — is self-aware enough to justify packing so many cliches into the imagery of “23.” My guess is no. For all their talk of pro-ballers and running the club, Juicy, Wiz, Mike and Miley all dribble along without much command.

Michael Jordan deserves so much better.