Music Video Review: Zedd's 'Divergent' track lacks originality


By Josh Frazier , Daily Arts Writer
Published March 19, 2014

In the last year, Zedd has gone from little-known electro house producer to a bonafide mainstream pop star. Best known for his smash singles “Clarity” and “Stay the Night,” the German EDM artist churns out radio-friendly fare at an alarming clip. His latest track, “Find You,” is the lead single off of the “Divergent” soundtrack, a young-adult blockbuster released this week. Like Zedd’s previous singles, “Find You” is dancefloor-ready, but its lack of originality makes it ultimately an unmemorable listen.

"Find You"


“Find You” features vocals from two mostly anonymous singers, Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant. What the track lacks in star power, it attempts to make up for in a catchy hook and an elaborate video. The music video opens with a typical club scene, but quickly changes direction by including a Hitchcock-esque bird chase and a cinematically gorgeous motorcycle excursion. The nonsensical plot moves to a snowy forest, which is never described, but a cohesive script is clearly not the director’s goal.

The video features good-looking young people and colorful backdrops that nicely accompany the soaring vocals of the chorus. “Find You” may not have achieved the mainstream popularity that Zedd’s previous singles have, but it succeeds as an accessible song that fits in on pop radio while maintaining EDM credibility.