Single Review: Riff Raff disses Grammys on new track

Mad Decent

By Joshua Frazier, Daily Arts Writers
Published February 5, 2014

The Grammy Awards, ostensibly the most important accolades in music, have traditionally been a hotbed of controversy for rap artists and fans, who believe that the voters are out of touch with hip-hop culture. Even prior to Macklemore besting Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album and Best New Artist, these awards have been simultaneously criticized and coveted by rappers.

I Shouda Won a Grammy

Riff Raff (featuring Action Bronson)
Mad Decent

Put Riff Raff firmly in the camp of those who think that Grammy voting process is unjust. His latest track, “I Shoulda Won A Grammy,” is a declaration of his abilities as a rapper and a takedown of his many detractors. Riff Raff’s appeal comes from his humorous lyrics, which are often seemingly nonsensical. The controversial rapper lives to entertain, and on his newest single off of the forthcoming album Neon Icon, he brings fellow rap weirdo Action Bronson along for the ride.

Riff Raff is his typically entertaining self, comparing himself to celebrities as diverse as Langston Hughes, Princess Leia and memorably, OJ Simpson. He rhymes “OJ Simpson, I’m the head honcho/Could’ve played for Toronto/but they found a dead body in the back of my Bronco.” This cartoonish rap delivery can be off-putting, but there is a certain charm to the joking, unserious lyrics.

Action Bronson brings his typical larger-than-life qualities to the song, referencing courtside seats, buttered shellfish and his 40-yard dash time in his colorful guest verse. “I Shoulda Won A Grammy” is a polarizing track, just like the two artists who made it. It is, however, an undeniably fun listen.