Single Review: 'Pay No Mind' a bland collaboration between Passion Pit and Madeon


By Carly Snider, Daily Arts Writer
Published February 11, 2015

Fresh off of announcing albums set to drop later this year, French producer Madeon and Passion Pit join forces on “Pay No Mind” – a pop-fueled single that unfortunately delivers exactly what listeners would expect. The track plays heavily on both artists’ general soundscape. For Passion Pit, this means cloaking not-so-pretty subject matter with lead singer Michael Angelakos’s charming indie-pop falsetto. Madeon provides his typically funky beat, which does a good job of highlighting Angelakos’s vocals. The beats are bouncy and the chorus is repetitive, playing more like a Passion Pit remix than an original of either artist.

"Pay No Mind"

Madeon (Feat. Passion Pit)

While both Madeon and Passion Pit, when working individually, have created great works, their combination falls rather flat. The single is a fun pop tune, but doesn't go any further than that – it is something to nod along to but not to be remembered. Passion Pit only scratches the surface of their ability to capture complex human emotion and package it as dynamic indie pop, as they did on Gossamer, and Madeon’s melody, while bubbly, lacks the pungency of some of his other tracks. In an attempt to not step on each other’s artistic toes, the pairing does little more than produce a radio-ready reworking of their signature sounds.