Music Video Review: 'Goodnight Kiss' proves Houser's the real deal

Stoney Creek

By Gregory Hicks, Daily Arts Writer
Published January 29, 2014

It’s tempting to draw hasty conclusions from a start-to-finish viewing of the “Goodnight Kiss” music video, Randy Houser’s latest single release from How Country Feels. It’s a continually reprocessed country formula of back-and-forth footage between Houser jamming with the band and a young couple’s love story. The director, Wes Edwards, does more recycling than an environmentalist when it comes to country music videos.

"Goodnight Kiss"

Randy Houser
Stoney Creek

Before decking Edwards in the face, however, let’s dial it back. Literally, dial it back and look at Houser’s past two singles from this record. The videos for titular single “How Country Feels” and “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” both feature the same female actress as “Goodnight Kiss.” Each is also directed by Wes Edwards. Trilogy? Trilogy indeed. Well played, Edwards and Houser, intentionally reusing storyboard concepts and characters to tie together the album’s three single releases.

Despite this, the young couple’s segment within the video leaves a bit to be desired substance-wise, but succeeds at charming viewers with a midnight stroll through the forest. “Charming” borders on cheesiness, however, when the young lad blindfolds the gal and leads her to a surprise party celebration. Not to mention there’s a raised eyebrow dedicated to any girl who thinks it’s wise to let some guy blindfold her in the middle of a nighttime forest.

As for Houser's performing, there’s a drastic improvement from the singer’s previous work. Eye-level close-ups with shots changing at a sporadic pace transform Houser into a real-deal artist — something that shouldn’t even require mentioning.