Weekend Roundup: Three things to do after DP Day

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By Tanaz Ahmed, Weekend Roundup Contributor
Published March 26, 2014

DP Day is a great way to give back to the community, but it only accounts for one day out of the whole year. There are plenty of other ways for students to get involved with all of the good work being done in Detroit. Here are three ways to continue engaging with the Motor City:

Join Detroit Partnership

If you enjoyed DP Day, you should consider joining the student organization that made the day possible. Detroit Partnership is a non-profit organization run by University students whose goal is to connect University students with the city. Along with coordinating large events like DP Day, the organization also organizes smaller events with communities in Detroit, including weekly and one-time service-learning experiences. You can also join the planning committees and gain valuable leadership experience.

Volunteer with the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

The Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning also coordinates a lot of community service work in Detroit. Some of its programs include mentoring students in K-8 schools such as Phoenix Multicultural Academy as well as initiatives to increase literacy in other Detroit schools. The center also organizes alternative spring break trips to Detroit.

Spend a semester in Detroit

If you want to truly become immersed in Detroit’s culture and community, then the University’s Semester in Detroit is perfect for you. Students in the program live in dorms at Wayne State University, take classes on the history of Detroit and also participate in community-based internships in the city. The program is conducted during spring and winter terms.