Visual Statement: Behind the Fines

By Marissa McClain, Daily Photographer
Published January 22, 2013

Parking has always been an issue for me. Since I became a licensed driver five short years ago, I've managed to accumulate thousands of dollars in parking fines. Suffice to say, those countless unpleasant experiences with parking authorities made me a bit prejudiced toward the men and women who keep our streets safe from parking violators. I was curious to see things from their point of view. When it wasn't my car being towed, I was able to look at the people who make up Brewer's Towing Company with an objective eye. In the weeks I spent following Brewer's drivers, I was able to see the passion and sacrifice they bring to the job. I may never learn my lesson when it comes to parking illegally, but at least now I can see those who enforce those laws in a more positive light.