The Statement Magazine: Now what?

Cover by Ruby Wallau
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Published April 1, 2014



‘A well-kept secret’ How pregnancy counseling centers influence choice

Arbor Vitae is tucked away in plain sight, down a flight of stairs in the basement of the building shared by the Starbucks on East Liberty. The center acts as an outlet to seek advice that advocates taking a pregnancy to term before deciding to move forward with other options, like an abortion.

Photo by Alden Reiss

Visual Statement: Submerge

Pick your protection: the impact of contraception usage on campus

While college is a time when many students choose to explore their sexual freedom, universities such as Michigan have been on the frontline of advancing sexual health and contraception education.


My First Time: Lollapalooza, an intimate affair

While I may be one step closer to carpal tunnel, Lolla is worth the effort. After the first time I went, I was hooked. Lolla is like nothing else — organized pandemonium.

Illustration by megan mulholland

The writer's Notebook:

by Max Radwin, Deputy Magazine Editor

The Writer's Notebook: Not Literature, not theatre

Slam poetry is a synthesis of those two mediums of art done poorly. It isn't literature, and it really isn't theatre.

Campus mechanics:

by Amrutha sivakumar, Deputy Magazine Editor

the donors and the Best

Everything that the University does can be expected to be a carefully calculated endeavor, and the process of convincing donors to invest their resources in the University may just be plain science.