The Statement Magazine: Keeping it local?

Cover by Amy Mackens
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Published September 9, 2014



Keeping up with the campus consumer

While the circumstances surrounding these moves are unique to each situation, the fact that local fixtures like Seva and Blimpy Burger are finding themselves uprooted from their longtime homes shows that one thing is certain: Ann Arbor is changing, and the independent businesses that help make the city unique are, at least in some cases, being pushed out in the process.

Photo by virgina lozano

Visual Statement: Kickin' it in toluca

How the new in-state tuition policy impacts international students

Although the full benefits to undocumented students are still uncertain, a separate group has already benefited from the changed tuition policies — documented international students.


the writer's notebook: Do Morals matter?

Go see it too. Enjoy the film — or don’t — and let it stand for itself. But don’t not go because you think seeing it somehow makes you approving of the terrible things the writer might have done.

Illustration by megan mulholland

The writer's Notebook:

by Max Radwin, Deputy Magazine Editor

The Writer's Notebook: Not Literature, not theatre

Slam poetry is a synthesis of those two mediums of art done poorly. It isn't literature, and it really isn't theatre.

Campus mechanics:

by Amrutha sivakumar, Deputy Magazine Editor

the donors and the Best

Everything that the University does can be expected to be a carefully calculated endeavor, and the process of convincing donors to invest their resources in the University may just be plain science.