Letter from the Editor

By Carlina Duan, Magazine Editor
Published January 6, 2014

At The Statement, we aim to tell stories that matter — stories that do work in the community, that meditate on the hard questions, that force you to chew and wonder. Our goal is to bring you a weekly news magazine that isn’t simply about ‘finding the answers’ surrounding a certain topic. Rather, we focus on the process of excavating stories. As journalists, we’re also archeologists, digging and pulling forth the story’s layers and dust.

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This year’s Statement attempts to bring you stories you can dig through. Stories that nourish. Stories that unfurl. We want your voice to be a big portion of The Statement, and we want this voice to be audible and heard: so we’re introducing a new video component to the magazine. Make sure to check out our weekly video features online, where we’ll be projecting student voices from around campus in a weekly series, paired with every issue’s lead story.

Meanwhile, flip open to The Tangent each Wednesday for a dose of comedy, currency and culture, including “The Rules,” our unofficial “weekly survival guide” to living wildly on campus; “Trending,” for what’s hot on the globe this week; and “On the Record,” a platform for the most recent eyebrow-raising quotes our reporters have gathered. Our rotating Tangent column series will bring you up to date on topics ranging from campus love stories to literature, experimental science to virginity. And be prepared to dip into our Visual Statements, where Daily photographers will illuminate the campus community with their lenses. Finally, send us your voice! Write a “Personal Statement,” a first-person, nonfiction narrative about any experience — wacky or wonderful — that has had an impact on you. And while you’re at it, Tweet us your own stories @thestatementmag.

We hope that this magazine becomes an outlet you can digest. We hope the stories produced each issue are delicious, funky, provocative, challenging, and above all, reflective of the many flavors and voices on this campus.

-Carlina Duan, Magazine Editor