Homeless Helping Homeless


Published April 20, 2014

Timothy Green is a formerly homeless Ann Arbor resident who works for the local Non-Profit organization MISSION A2. Out of the estimated 250 homeless individuals in Ann Arbor, Green claims to know 200 of them. During the winter months Green roams the streets and visits tent communities to hand out blankets, tents, water, propane and sleeping bags to help those living outside survive the harsh conditions.

MISSION A2 is an organization that aims to give a voice to the homeless community in Ann Arbor. The board of directors at MISSION A2 is comprised of mostly homeless and formerly homeless individuals, which makes them better able to meet the needs of the community. In addition to street level aid, MISSION A2 owns a house on Stone School Rd. that is open to the public. This is a place where the homeless can call home, even if it is just for a day. People can come to the house to cook a meal, take a shower or do their laundry. These photos give a glimpse into the life of Timothy Green and the awe-inspiring work he does for the homeless in Ann Arbor.