Andrea Brown to be assistant director of Marching and Athletic Bands

By Stephanie Shenouda, Daily Staff Reporter
Published April 23, 2013

Beginning July 15, the Michigan Marching and Athletics Bands will step to the beat of a new assistant director as Andrea Brown has been hired to replace John Pasquale.

Pasquale will be leaving the position after being named the next director of Marching and Athletics Bands on Jan. 23.

Brown has several years of musical experience, most recently serving as the director of orchestra and assistant director of bands at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Haithcock, the current Marching and Athletics Band director and music professor, said Brown's experience set her apart from the large pool of highly qualified applicants.

“The hiring process is in accordance with University policy, so there was a search committee and faculty board from within the School of Music, Theater and Dance,” he said. “She has a proven track record at a number of schools and is known for engaging students at a very high level.”

Haithcock added that Brown has a reputation for a "high level of admiration among her students" which he said is an important quality for a member of the program.

“She has all the skills a person needs to succeed at this job, and we feel that she'll fit in very well within our program.”

As assistant director, Brown's duties will include teaching the band and writing the shows it performs, as well as leading the Campus Band, which performs at men's basketball games. Brown will also teach courses at the school of Music, Theater and Dance. In order to prepare arrangements and shows, Brown will join the University a month before the band begins practicing. Haithcock said this is an ongoing process.

Haithcock said he isn't concerned about students adjusting to the new assistant director.

“Everyone loves John Pasquale, but he had to earn his stripes and earn the respect that he has from the students like everyone else,” he said. "Dr. Brown will be a great addition to our team, and every student that I've interacted with has always given new faculty a chance when they first start out.”

Brown is the first female in University history to be selected for this position, though Haithcock said he chose not to publicize the fact because it didn't influence the decision.

“We acknowledge that it's historic, but she was chosen because she was the best person for the job, she just happens to be a woman," he said. "She has the best education, experience and skills of everyone who applied, so it's only going to be as different as people want to make it."