Scorekeepers, the most Ubered-to destination in Michigan and a favorite bar of University of Michigan students, may get a chance to retain its title for another year.


In a February 16 meeting, MLive reported on Friday, Ann Arbor's Council Liquor License Review Committee rejected the recommendation from the Ann Arbor Police Department to let the bar's liquor license expire on April 30. The recommendation came as a result of the 81 AAPD case reports for the location in 2017, which included underage drinking and bouncers failing to ask for identification.


In an earlier meeting of the committee, according to MLive, Assistant City Attorney Kristen Larcom said pending an agreement Skeeps staff would participate in trainings through the University's Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center, the committee would reject the recommendation in order to give the bar time to improve its practices and record.


City Councilmember Kirk Westphal, D-Ward 2, told MLive one of the revelations from discussions with the bar's management in meetings of the review committee was many of the service calls were initiated by bar staff.


“What we learned in further discussions with Ann Arbor Police Department was that many of these calls for service were unrelated to Scorekeepers as a business and others were a result of Scorekeepers management calling because they were finding a lot of minors were attempting to get in,” Westphal said. “When we looked at documented cases of underage drinking in the bar, we saw that they dropped off significantly, even completely, after the bar went through this intervention in the middle of the year.”


Earlier this month, an anonymous student told The Daily underage drinking was a relatively common and widely-known practice at Skeeps, and said the bar sold exorbitant “Skeeps cards” which, in practice, allowed underage students to cut the line and get into the bar without having to present identification.


“You have to show an ID to purchase it but they don’t give you a problem because you’re paying so much money,” the student said. “The idea is that they don’t look at your ID when you come in. Skeeps does that so that kids buy it. Kids buy it so they don’t have to have their IDs looked at when they come in.”


Skeeps management was unavailable for comment to The Daily at the time of publication.


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