Mission Statement:

The Michigan Daily exists to inform the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor communities about events and issues of consequence to the University and Washtenaw County.

We will maintain an entirely independent, student-run newspaper because we believe a voice separate from the University ensures our ability to hold the administration accountable and protect our coverage from outside interests.

We strive in all cases to uphold impartiality, fairness and the complete truth. We strive for equitable coverage in our representation of all communities, identities and groups.

We will work to attain a diverse staff to represent the broader campus community.

About Us:
The Michigan Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, published its first issue on Sept. 29, 1890. The student-run paper is published Monday through Friday during the fall and winter terms. During the winter 2021 semester, it is printing weekly on Wednesdays. During the spring and summer terms, it is published weekly.
The Daily operates on a campus without a journalism school. The newspaper, which is financially independent from the University, is based in the recently renovated Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building at 420 Maynard St. in Ann Arbor. The renovations, made possible by a gift from alumnus and Buffalo News publisher Stanford Lipsey, updated the building by adding disabled access, air conditioning and other amenities while retaining its historic features. The Daily covers the University’s campus, administration, sports teams, faculty and culture as well as the town of Ann Arbor and other topics that affect the lives of students.
Alumni include playwright Arthur Miller, two-time presidential candidate Thomas Dewey, activist Tom Hayden and investment banker Bruce Wasserstein. Its former editors, reporters, photographers, business staff members and other alumni have gone on to work at publications like The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The Associated Press and countless other media outlets.


Corrections Policy (as of February 2021)

In all of our work, from news reports to opinion pieces to multimedia, The Michigan Daily strives to be accurate. The Daily is committed to being a fair and careful publication that quickly corrects factual errors. While The Daily strives to not have to make these changes, there is a team and protocol in place to address these requests when they arise. Readers will be notified promptly through a correction, clarification or editor’s note

The Daily will make corrections when our work is inaccurate or poses imminent and/or serious physical harm to someone, judged per The Daily’s editors’ discretion. To request a correction, please email corrections@michigandaily.com with a link to the article, description of the issue and your contact information.


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