Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Zach Helfand: As time ticks away, another ending without answers

By Zach Helfand, Daily Sports Editor
Published December 29, 2013

Time is now ticking for him too, before he must show results.

By 11:59, only a few players remained. One of them, Taylor Lewan, couldn’t help himself. Even after this, his last game, he couldn’t resist a joke. He never could. A bowl official addressed a group of reporters as “gentlemen.”

“And lady!” Lewan chirped. Then he cracked wise — something about courtesy.

His loud voice echoed in the locker room, but not many people were around to laugh. Fitzgerald Toussaint, the fifth-year senior running back, had left. So had fifth-year senior right tackle Michael Schofield. Devin Gardner had left already, and Dileo had gone too, and Black, and Morgan, and Borges had walked up the tunnel 20 minutes ago.

They disappeared quickly and without fanfare. During the season, there was Senior Day. Some, like Falk and broadcaster Frank Beckman, got ceremonies.

But the real end is boring. That’s just how it works. The real end is silence and Uncrustables alone and being called Ron when your name is Jon.

For Michigan, it has been that way far too often.