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SportsMonday Column: Trey Burke, the unfaltering king of Crisler

By Stephen J. Nesbitt, Daily Sports Editor
Published February 17, 2013

But while having one consistent player might be enough against Penn State, it isn’t against Michigan State and Ohio State and Indiana. That takes four or five serious contributors, with no major lapses or collapses. The Michigan coaching staff is grooming its freshmen to be everyday-consistent players like Burke, but it’s not a quick journey. And it very well might not happen quickly enough to salvage the Wolverines’ quest for a Big Ten title.

In front of Morris and other former Michigan greats on Saturday, Burke proved his mettle once again against Penn State, scoring 29 points — his highest 40-minute total at Michigan — five assists and zero turnovers. It was his fourth turnover-less game of the season, a pleasant stat to go with his 3.7 assist-to-turnover ratio. He is the only member of the Michigan roster that has scored in double figures every game this season.

That’s consistency. That’s a guy you can trust. If he needs to score, he’ll score. If he needs to pass, he’ll pass. If he needs to lead, he’ll lead. He’s the king of Crisler, but even the king can’t do it alone.

— Nesbitt can be reached at or on Twitter: @stephenjnesbitt.