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SportsMonday Column: A final, fond farewell for Michigan seniors

By Stephen J. Nesbitt, Daily Sports Editor
Published November 18, 2012

Brown’s senior day was a 21-10 loss to Ohio State, a merciful end to a five-game losing streak to close his career. That’s not the way he ever dreamt it would end.

There’s a reason Hoke says this is the seniors’ team and charges them to lead. They don’t get a second chance, and they’ll fight harder than those who have a next year. They are guaranteed nothing. Nothing other than the assurance that this is it, this is the end.

And, in the end, they enjoyed a proper send-off at Michigan Stadium and kept the goal of a Big Ten title within reach, if only for another week.

Someday, they’ll return like Brown did on Saturday. But they won’t be remembered as fixtures from a darker time. They’ll be remembered for hoisting Michigan back in its right standing among the nation’s elite.

They’ll return with their heads high to revisit that final chapter, the one they’ll never put down.

— Nesbitt can be reached at and on Twitter: @stephenjnesbitt.