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The Shadow of a Name: How Tim Hardaway Jr. has formed his basketball identity

By Ben Estes, Daily Sports Editor
Published October 30, 2011

makes it to the NBA — widely considered a matter of when, not if — he'll finally see the other side of his childhood, the side that his father was living when Tim Jr. was just that little boy, looking up to his All-Star dad.

“Words couldn’t describe how I would feel,” Tim Sr. said.

But that's a conversation for another day. There's this season and all of the challenges, joys, pains and pleasures it's going to bring. Michigan has more heights to reach, carried by Tim Jr.

In Miami, Tim Sr. thinks about his son, his namesake. He forged that name, and it means something. But Tim Jr. has his own dreams, and Tim Sr. just hopes he achieves them, like all fathers do. It's out of his hands now, though.

The two Hardaways speak almost every day, usually around lunchtime — there's a lot of silences to make up for, after all. The father and son don't normally talk about basketball. They don't need to. The father always makes sure that his son is staying warm up in Michigan. But father and son are both busy, and must say their goodbyes eventually.

So Tim Hardaway Jr. puts his phone down and gets up to go, a legacy behind him but his future far in front.