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Pereira paves the path to America

By Jeremy Summitt, Daily Sports Writer
Published November 20, 2012

Ann Arbor and Sao Paulo, particularly with respect to the sports atmosphere, share some recognizable differences that he can fully embrace.

Michigan is just another stop in Pereira’s path, but possibly the most impressive one, at least at this stage of his career. Pereira has always been ahead of his competition, whether it’s by crossing up opponents with crafty footwork, succeeding in the classroom or deciding to move to the United States.

During the season, double teams would flock to Pereira in hopeless attempts to somehow diminish his confidence on the ball. Additionally, opposing defenses have hardly salivated at the bitter taste of Pereira’s remarkable ability to place the ball anywhere he wants, as he tallied eight assists this year.

Pereira’s journey from Brazil to Connecticut to Michigan has bridged a new path for some of his friends from his youth team to follow.

“From my friends, I was the first one to come to America,” Pereira said. “Now, two of them play at Kentucky and one is at Wake Forest.”

Pereira’s life has been directly paralleled to numerous instances of success and important connections. Like soccer has the ability to unite an entire nation, Pereira has fused a connection between the United States and Brazil for himself and his friends back home to have a better chance at playing professionally someday.

At Michigan, Pereira is getting a taste of what a professional footballer, as most of South Americans would say, feels like each time he steps on the pitch. Until he can entirely grasp the ecstasy of playing at the highest level, the always-rowdy Michigan Ultras will have to take the place of true soccer fanatics and the U-M Soccer Complex can act as a sufficient precursor for the next chapter of Pereira’s career.