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Michigan defeats Northwestern, 38-31, in overtime comeback

By Stephen J. Nesbitt, Daily Sports Editor
Published November 10, 2012

The next play, Toussaint took a dump pass from Gardner, slipped a tackle and tip-toed along the sideline for a 28-yard touchdown.

Michigan got the ball back at its own eight-yard line, trailing 24-21 early in the fourth quarter, and Gardner wasted no time in the shadows of his own end zone. He found Roundtree twice, Gallon once and Dileo once to put Michigan in the red zone, the finished the drive with a touchdown pass to true freshman right end Devin Funchess.

Northwestern responded quickly, as Siemian found Tony Jones up the seam for a touchdown pass to take a 31-28 lead with just under four minutes left in the game. But Gardner would give the ball right back on the next snap by throwing a long interception.

The Wildcats couldn’t quite run out the clock, and that doomed them. Michigan got the ball back with 18 seconds and the Hail Mary to Roundtree set up the game-tying kick.

In the end, Gardner shared the spotlight with Roundtree. The much-maligned receiver, who toppled Notre Dame in the final seconds last fall, played hero again. He made five catches for 139 yards.

Maybe the script was right all along. It just depends who was writing it.

As he walked with his wife, Laura, into the bowels of Michigan Stadium, she turned to him.

“Did you know you were going to win?” she asked?

“Yes,” Hoke said.

Hoke never had a doubt.

“No way,” the second-year coach said.

And why’s that?

“Because of those kids.”