Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Michigan collapses late, loses exhibition in overtime

By Jeremy Summitt, Daily Sports Editor
Published December 5, 2013

However, the third straight, late-game collapse — dating back to last weekend’s sweep over Ohio State — proved to be too costly this time.

“For this to keep happening is unacceptable,” Copp said. “There’s no excuse for us to be blowing leads like this. We’re supposed to be a defensively sound team, and it cannot just keep happening. We just need to be able to bear down and finish games.”

Guptill and Copp weren’t the only ones feeling the ill effects of a heartbreaking loss. Allen, Compher and Motte are the ones who now understand how they left the Wolverines feeling last season. It doesn’t even matter that it was an exhibition, because pride was still on the line.

Copp’s body language screamed as much.