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Hockey, men’s and women’s basketball Christmas carols from the Michigan Daily Sports Staff

By Simon Kaufman, Daily Sports Writer
and Greg Garno, Daily Sports Editor
and Max Cohen, Daily Sports Editor
Published December 22, 2013

Ah, the holiday season! Lights are shining, families sit together around their tables and prices at department stores are slashed in half. But while the weather cools down, the schedule for Michigan’s basketball teams and hockey team heats up.

And as the man with the white beard prepares to depart from the North, the Wolverines prep for their own journey with eyes set on Final Fours, Frozen Four, milk and cookies and hopes of being the “Nice List.”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Big Ten Season
Soon the puck will drop
Non-conference play is finished
The record is not diminished
And Michigan still aims for the top

It’s beginning to look a lot like Big Ten Season
Everywhere in the Midwest you go
The logos are hung in the rink
Michigan plays in sync
And Ann Arbor is filled up with snow

Two goaltenders lead the way and the defense has played OK
To keep the games as close as they are
The offense needs a lucky goal, but remains on a roll
Better than last season by far
But 10-2-2 still isn’t enough
To be the Big Ten’s star

It’s beginning to look a lot like Big Ten Season
Soon the puck will drop
There’s Alex Guptill at the net
Michigan’s biggest offensive threat
Or the hot hand of Andrew Copp

It’s beginning to look a lot like Big Ten Season
Eighteen games still to play
Steve and Zach had a splendid first half
Making hard work on the whole coaching staff
But each provides a spark every day

Minnesota, Wisconsin and OSU to name a few —
Will challenge during the year
Eight home games at Yost is something to boast
With a student section’s excellent cheer
And Berenson can hardly wait
For the NCAA Tournament to reappear

It’s beginning to look a lot like Big Ten Season
Soon the horn will start
And the thing that will make it sound
Is the sight of being crowned
At the top of the rankings chart

By Greg Garno, Daily Sports Editor

Men’s Basketball
‘Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through A2,
Michigan neared Big Ten play, dressed in maize and blue.
Last year’s banner hung high up in the rafters,
But four quick losses brought sorrow, not laughter.

Still, the team stayed poised, picked itself off the ground,
Without Tim or Trey, who left in the first round.
After a magical run, they sought an encore,
Led this time by an ensemble of sophomores.

Nik Stauskas led the charge, he can drive now, eh?
He’s drained 3’s, crushed dunks, and nailed fade-aways.
And towards the rim, Caris LeVert flies all-out,
The most improved Wolverine without a doubt.

Iowa State proved too much, and Cyclones rushed the floor,
Charlotte was bad luck, no excuse at Cameron Indoor.
A chance to redeem when Arizona came to town,
But Michigan lost it late and couldn’t Bear Down

Two Draft dodgers seek to prove why they stayed for one more,
McGary’s been hurt and Robinson’s been stuck at the ‘4.’
But when Mitch sat out again, sore in all but his spleen,
Glenn helped against Stanford, adding his own 17.

Now freshmen! Now Walton! Now Irvin, too!
Old men Horford and Morgan, captains of the crew.
On TV! On radio! On papers in type!
The youngins try to make good on all of the hype.

But could this year be lost, was last year just fate?
Spike would disagree; heck, he thought he could get Kate.
And the “Bench Mob” would laugh at that very thought,
Gleefully coming in for blowouts, waiting for their shot.

As for the top, what say you, coach John Beilein?
This team is learning, we’re going to be fine.
We’ll learn from each win, grow more from each loss,
Never too high or too low, that’s why I’m the boss.

But Buckeyes and Badgers and Spartans and more,
Will make for a tough road back to the Final Four.
It will be challenge after challenge, then challenge again,
For there are few conferences in basketball quite like the Big Ten.

A Crisler crowd may help, loud and going berserk
They come support the boys whose shirts say “We Work”
And the Maize Rage will still come, cheer for each feat,
A change in ticket policy, can’t keep all from their seat.

And maybe there’s still magic left over from Trey’s three.
Nik, Caris, Mitch and Co.