Friday, October 24, 2014

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Michigan Football

Scott Bell: Entering the No Spin Zone, Michigan style


The Michigan football team looked awful Saturday. There's no way to spin that. But it seems like everything else is getting spun every which way but where it should be these days. How should some of the events from Michigan's loss to Wisconsin and the trends surrounding this team make you feel? I'll do my best Bill O'Reilly impression (minus the sexual harassment lawsuits) and turn Fort Schembechler into a no spin zone.
Michigan sits Mike Hart and takes a lot of caution with Chad Henne after just two drives.

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Maize Gauge

The Michigan Daily football writers break down the weekend's stats that don't show up in the boxscore. The defense-o-meter measures the intensity of the defense, the Carr-o-meter judges Lloyd Carr's demeanor following the game and the hypemeter measures the fans' game performance.
1 out of 4 Crables

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The Michigan daily top 10 poll

The Michigan Daily Top 10 returns for its fourth installment in this young season. Each week, Daily Sports staffers will fill out ballots, with first place votes receiving 10 points, second-place votes receiving nine and so on. The results are published with first-place votes in parentheses.
1.Oregon (2): Despite having three fewer first-place votes than Louisiana State, the Ducks take our top spot because two writers had the Tigers fifth and sixth. Is Oregon really good enough to win a National Championship? Ask Michigan.

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Staff picks recap

Brian Merlos

Staff Picks recap: Enduring criticism week after week, it looks like Jack Herman is intent on proving his detractors wrong. Tying Daniel Bromwich and Scott Bell for the weekly lead, Herman surged past the celebrities this week. Just a few more wins, and he'll top Kevin Wright for third place. If he keeps studying hard, even Bromwich and Bell could be in his sights.

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Frosh's miscues continue

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Better beat the Bucks


Ohio State.
Those two words have been on the minds of Michigan fans all season.
The Wisconsin trap game didn't even matter. It wouldn't factor into the Big Ten Championship picture, and thus the outcome was unimportant.
In the big picture, the beatdown Wisconsin handed the Wolverines Saturday in Camp Randall Stadium didn't even happen - because it didn't count.
"No, it don't mean nothing," senior captain Shawn Crable said. "The morale wasn't down in the locker room. We still recognize we got a shot at (a Big Ten Championship)."

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Procrastination station

Michigan 14
Wisconsin 46
Before every football game this season, two of the Daily's football writers will take the weekend's matchup to the PlayStation 2 and then let you know what happened.
Play of the game
Wisconsin's WR #19 caught his first touchdown of the game on a third-and-long. He blew past CB #5 for the 70-plus yard score on the game's opening drive. The Badgers never lost that lead.

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Blue has all but home advantage

Clif Reeder


Ohio State is already looming. The talk about another matchup for a Big Ten Championship between the two rivals has begun.
But don't let Wisconsin hear any of that banter. The Badgers are waiting for the Wolverines in a potential trip-up game before the big show on Nov. 17.
Wisconsin and Michigan both come in a little banged up, and some of the Wolverine faithful wouldn't mind Michigan coach Lloyd Carr resting some of his ailing stars.
Still, a Big Ten game is important, or at least that's what the Wolverine players would want you to believe.

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Win or lose, Big Ten title in reach


Since losing its first two games of the season, Michigan has made clear that even though a National Championship may be unattainable, the team still has big goals. Such as winning the Big Ten.
To do so the Wolverines have said they must treat each game as if it's for the title.
"It's just a Big Ten game," wide receiver Greg Mathews said Monday about tomorrow's game at Wisconsin. "And if you want to win a Big Ten Championship, you have to win your Big Ten games."

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