Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Michigan in Color: Welcome home

Courtesy of Trinity Lin


However, I remind myself that no home is perfect. If I want to belong somewhere I must learn to highlight the beautiful things, the safe spaces and inspiring places. If not enough exist, it is my job as a student to help create them.

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Michigan in Color: A love letter

Teresa Mathew/Daily


This is not a profound article about oppressive systems or a brave narrative of a journey to self-love; this is a love letter, with all its humble simplicity, plainness, and rambling, to myself, and through myself, to you. This is just a love letter, nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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Michigan in Color: Health means whole

Photo by Mike Frieseman, courtesy of Ciarra Ross


Because Black American women are leading in several U.S. health disparities - with the highest national rates of infant mortality, obesity, fatal breast cancer, diabetes and preterm births - it is crucial to evaluate how Black women’s intersectional social identities impact their health outcomes.

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Viewpoint: Greeks and giving


The Greek community here at the University is committed to giving back; funding through scholarships such as these can make a significant difference in a young man’s life.

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Viewpoint: About that bucket list...


I sat down with a blank piece of paper and a black Sharpie last month, determined to curate a list of adventures I needed to have before graduating in May. But as I’ve started striking a line through each item on the list hanging on the light blue wall in my room, I’ve realized something: I think I made the wrong bucket list. I should have made a “bucket list” of people.

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Michigan in Color: When all you do is talk the talk

Courtesy of Ryan Moody


Because the thing is, these days you don’t have to call me a nigger, wear a white-hooded cape, or burn a cross on my front lawn to let me know that who I am, the way that I am, isn’t always welcome here.

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Viewpoint: It's OK to be a little lost


I have no idea where I will end up and that’s OK. We need to realize that our major or career aspirations do not have to define the rest of our lives.

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