Friday, January 30, 2015

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Viewpoint: A return to governing


Just like most people in this nation, I am fed up with our elected representatives’ refusal to perform the jobs we sent them to Washington for. So whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or don’t affiliate with a party like myself, all Americans should be happy in an imminent return to governmental normalcy, and an end to that most hated word that has so often characterized our government: gridlock.

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Viewpoint: For an Open Hillel


Even without Hillel’s support, the Palestinian Solidarity Shabbat will go on. It’s this Friday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in East Quad’s Benzinger Library (Room 1423). We welcome anyone who wants to join in this informal setting, where no views will be censored, restricted or stigmatized.

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Viewpoint: Driving out discrimination


This year, in conjunction with the annual Blood Battle competition, we’re placing a special emphasis on education and advocacy for a change in this longstanding discriminatory policy against all men who have had sexual contact with another man (MSM) that bans them from donating blood for life.

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Michigan in Color: That's not me

Photo courtesy of Kevin Chung


I refuse to passively accept the harmful ways I’m portrayed. I refuse to idly let these racist media typecasts represent me; to propagate a false image of the Chinese-American identity. This destructive narrative needs to change.

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Viewpoint: Not a 'Michigan Man', but the right man


Michigan football is at a crossroads. Whether President Mark Schlissel likes it or not, his choice for athletic director could very well be a decision that defines his tenure.

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Viewpoint: Imperialism and the Unfinished 20th Century


After the Soviet Union was dissolved by its Stalinist bureaucracy in 1991, US leaders spoke of a New World Order, a unipolar moment that would produce dividends of peace for generations. But 23 years on, is this the case? Do we now live in a more peaceful, rational society than we did a quarter century ago?

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Viewpoint: A misleading representation


While I fully support the right of the pro-Palestinian students on this campus to present their side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I felt that SAFE blurred the lines between Palestine awareness and anti-Israel sentiments. I recognize that this debate is heated and incredibly complex, yet I find it an injustice to a country that I love to enable these falsehoods to be spread effortlessly on my campus.

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