Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Viewpoint: Hunting for more than eggs


As a tutor, as a mentor, as someone to help them not just find “x”, but to find their own path. And the chance to help them find these things, the chance to perhaps inspire them, is why I do it.

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Viewpoint: What about the color green?


My experiences at Michigan sometimes dilute my perception of wealth distribution. But my studies at Michigan have taught me that even being a dull shade of green still means being exponentially more privileged than the vast majority of others throughout the rest of the state, country and world.

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Viewpoint: I am still pro-Israel


Too often, polarizing phrases like “pro-Israel” interfere with people’s ability to express their true feelings. The tone within the Jewish community seems to be that publicly taking issue with the unethical and unjustifiable actions that Israel commits on a regular basis makes one “anti-Israel,” the only logical alternative to “pro.”

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Michigan in Color: Learning to see color

Courtesy of Layan Charara


Color is not binary. Identities are fluid. People come in many shades, and it’s important to understand that they are all difficult to navigate. It’s not a matter of white versus non-white. It’s a matter of giving people the space they require to negotiate their feelings and experiences.

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Michigan in Color: Losing laughter

Courtesy of Zanib Sareini


They say laughter is the best medicine. I’m the girl laughing three days in a row at the same old joke. Laughter is my medicine. It cures all. It cures my bad days. It cures my discomfort. A day without laughter is a day without coffee and I need my coffee. I need my laughter.

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Viewpoint: Bringing life to the debate


As an institution, the University constantly calls for total inclusivity, diversity and tolerance. Unfortunately, it fails to ensure such principles in a number of contexts. One glaring example of this can be seen within the conversation around abortion.

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Michigan in Color: Welcome home

Courtesy of Trinity Lin


However, I remind myself that no home is perfect. If I want to belong somewhere I must learn to highlight the beautiful things, the safe spaces and inspiring places. If not enough exist, it is my job as a student to help create them.

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