Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Viewpoint: Committing to a belief in change


The easiest and perhaps most meaningful way to fight for generational equity — having our voices equally represented with the other demographics at the policy-making table — is by exercising our civil rights and voting. This November, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as 36 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate will be contested — and local races are taking place at all levels across the country.

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Viewpoint: FAA bans quadrotor flight in the Big House — what happened and why it’s important


We must support the FAA, NASA and other government agencies engaged in developing unmanned aircraft policy to appropriately manage the risks introduced by UA flight through navigable airspace. We also must be vigilant to ensure this policy respects the rights of landowners to exclusively control their “immediate reaches” airspace.

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Viewpoint: Does Greek Life uphold its values?


Though Greek Life is not a consistent role model for those looking to “conduct themselves with integrity and in accordance with sound values,” no organization is.

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Viewpoint: Play to your strengths


Michigan Football must use the university to their advantage and find leaders in the classroom as well as the field. Success can and will be found when this happens.

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Michigan in Color: Uncomfortable


I should be above all these superficial notions about ideal complexion by now. But part of me clings to them — clings to the insecurity I’ve had since I was a little girl about the color of my skin, clings to my subsequent obsession with lightening my skin and changing people’s perceptions of me.

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Viewpoint: A Rick's night gone wrong


It seems like every day I read articles in the paper about the movement to create justice for rape victims on campuses, to create movements to teach men not to assault women. We need to learn. We need to fight. We need to protect our women.

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Viewpoint: Let's talk about money


College has been a completely different experience for me than it has for many of my peers. For many, coming here was the first time they ever had to deal with things on their own. For me, I had been working since I was old enough to do so and helping to pay rent since I was 16 years old. For me, college was freeing because it meant I had less to take care of, not more.

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