Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Viewpoint: Holocaust Memorial Day and the nature of genocide


It is time to progress into further critical dialogue on the nature of genocide. This Holocaust Memorial Day, let’s make sure that when we say “never forget,” we really mean and advocate “never again.”

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Viewpoint: The fight for $15


Starting an undergraduate workers’ association and raising the minimum wage for all University employees, both directly employed and subcontracted through University Unions and Catering, is the first step in the fight for a living wage in Washtenaw County and across the state.

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Michigan in Color: My country, too

Photo courtesy of Tina A.


“Move to your homeland.”

It’s 11:31 p.m., and I’m sitting here reading these words as they appear on my computer screen through my e-mail. I cringe as I read these words because I realize that I will never be considered an American as long I keep my last name or adhere to my religion that I so dearly love.

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Viewpoint: Onward and upward from CSG elections


Losing by five votes has taught me that every single voice on this campus matters. It has shown me that each and every narrative and story contributes to this great institution.

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Viewpoint: In response to "Clear, unambiguous action required"


In order to address the issue raised by the Daily’s Editorial Board, SAPAC staff have carefully reviewed our website materials and revised the information provided on consent to make this distinction clearer.

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Viewpoint: Michigan, it’s our time to Speak Up!


In light of recent events involving our sorority and many other houses in the Greek community here at the University, as well as on campuses nationwide, the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau are launching a campus-wide initiative called “Speak Up! Michigan.”

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Michigan in Color: Just a Dream: dialogue and safe spaces

Photo courtesy of Khan


I am, however, vehemently against screening this movie at a venue such as Umix Late Night, which claims to offer opportunities for fun while “interacting responsibly” and serves “the interests of a diverse population.” I am against showing a film like “American Sniper” that demonizes Muslim and Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian identities, at a venue that fails to provide a setting where any dialogue or discussion can follow. And finally, I am disappointed that the same university officials who talk about creating dialogues turned their backs on the Muslim and Middle Eastern, North Africa, and South Asian self-identified students and organizations that were targeted with Islamophobic hate speech and messages, under the guise of “free speech”.

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