Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Michigan in Color: Taking back my Black

Photo Courtesy of Sundai Johnson


My Blackness, my Black Womanhood, the whole of my identity, is mine. It belongs to me and I carry it in calloused hands. I do not tip toe, I stomp. I rumble and shake and move the ground like earthquakes. And I conquer victoriously — with my crown made of black gold.

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Viewpoint: U-M Sustainability Culture — Actions Not Keeping Up with Awareness


According to findings from a new U-M Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program report, most U-M faculty, students, and staff have boosted their knowledge about how to be more sustainable, particularly in the areas of foods and waste prevention. However, behavior in these areas has remained essentially the same.

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Viewpoint: Sharing stories, ending stigma


It’s our duty as young people who care about the safety and well being of our community to amplify the voices of individuals who have had abortions by creating a space for them to share their stories free of the shame and stigma that currently surrounds abortion.

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Viewpoint: Protest in Ann Arbor — business as usual


the next time the media pours into Ann Arbor, to cover a protest, let’s pray they can place the event in its proper historical perspective, and not produce an oversimplification that merely portrays a group of students who are unhappy with the status of their football team. Instead, the press should treat student unrest with the proper respect it deserves, by recognizing how protest is embedded in every hallway, classroom, and common area at the University of Michigan.

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Michigan in Color: The Unbearable Weight of Sunlight

Courtesy of Anitha Menon


I think (all the time) about the things I’ll someday teach my own daughter. She will know about grammar and kindness and about being patient and being passionate. She will know what it’s like to break hearts and to have her heart broken. She will know when to hold her tongue and when to hold her own. I’ll take her to the beach, and she will know how to swim and how to snorkel and canoe and raft. And maybe we will just sit in the sand and watch the water for hours and know what it’s like to feel indomitable and infinite.
But she will never, ever know the unbearable weight of sunlight.

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Viewpoint: Continuing the conversation


By the end of “Good Kids,” I felt uneasy about the neglected pieces of the portrayed narrative, but I was unable to fully articulate what I thought was missing. After an evening of No Thai, “The Office” and a good night of sleep, I was able to give a voice to the parts that I thought “Good Kids” left unsaid.

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Viewpoint: In thickness or in health


I think somehow there has emerged this binary of skinny and, as many label it, “curvy” that we have created. And the weird thing is, “we” is usually women, typically fueled, sadly, by a resentment that tends to follow body image insecurities. And it is absolutely ridiculous.

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