Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Consider the disabled on campus


I’d like to call your attention to an issue that I have been noticing around campus — the appalling lack of accessibility for disabled persons.

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Letter to the Editor: Everyone deserves an affordable education


I believe a more affordable college education will lead to an equitable distribution of wealth in our country. Education is the only force that breaks the cycle of poverty, and therefore, college shouldn't be a commodity. I support tuition equality, because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to earn a college degree.

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Letter to the Editor: Princes and equality will win a woman's heart


In his response to Bethany Biron's article about trends in women sexual culture, Jeffrey McMahon completely reframes and misrepresents the issue as black and white

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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Proposal 3 for clean energy


I support Proposal 3 not just for the jobs it will create, but for the money it will prevent from leaving Michigan, for the health of our people and economy and for the quality of our air and water.

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Letter to the Editor: Pro-life is pro-freedom


On Sept. 13 & 14 in The Michigan Daily, there were attacks on the Republican Party for being pro-life. It was claimed that since Republicans support small government, we should keep the government out of the emergency contraception. Yet, being pro-life isn't being inconsistent at all.

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Letter to the Editor: College Republicans lack clear fiscal outlook


Thursday’s article about young Republicans’ thoughts as we approach the November election illustrates just how poorly the Republican Party platform correlates with the issues that matter to many college students.

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Letter to the Editor: MRelay looks forward to year of maximizing involvement


To the Daily:
With the new school year comes another year of hope for a cure among those affected by cancer. Michigan’s MRelay as sky-high expectations as well.

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Letter to the Editor: Smoking ban brings privacy pros and cons into question


As a society we must place a very high value on personal freedom and only enact laws that restrict those freedoms when the benefits are clear and well articulated. Only then are we able to make a decision based on the principals of a free democracy.

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Letter to the editor: Akin is not so removed from mainstream Republicans


The fact is Todd Akin and Paul Ryan authored a plank in this year's GOP platform that makes no exception for terminating a pregnancy, even in the cases of rape, incest or saving the life of the mother. Mr. Veras says that Akin is out of the GOP mainstream. This is Republicans in denial at its best.

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