Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Establish a campus biking culture


The key to living up to and improving the University’s biking standards is to establish a true biking culture on campus, where biking does not simply replace carbon-neutral walking but driving as well.

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Letter to the Editor: Big Ten shouldn’t sell off its integrity


For me, the participation of schools exclusively from the Midwest was what made the Big Ten charming and appealing. I hope that advertisements in Michigan Stadium aren’t next, but I can’t say I’d be shocked by anything in a world where money trumps everything.

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Letter to the Editor: The ‘U’ should take advantage of local food


Most food served in University dining halls travels hundreds of miles, uses thousands of gallons of water and is picked well before its ripely filled with the essential nutrients that should be appearing on our plates. However, I think that the leaders and the best should try harder to avoid the waste that our current food system promotes.

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Letter to the Editor: Voter turnout rates in Ann Arbor are difficult to measure


From many years of experience in working the student precincts, including this year, I can tell you that an extremely small percentage of students registered to vote here, who are actually still living here, fail to vote in a Presidential election.

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Letter to the Editor: Promote permaculture


Located in the heart of Ann Arbor, the University sits amid more than 300 restaurants and cultural attractions. Imagine if we were the leaders and best in dining on-campus as well as off-campus.

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Letter to the Editor: Sexual assault in the military must be stopped


According to recent statistics, one of every three women in the U.S. military are sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers during their service. Our military is letting convicted rapists walk free with punishments suitable for a misdemeanor, and honoring them as American heroes when they return home.

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Letter to the Editor: Hoekstra not best representation of Michigan


Regardless of his politics, Hoekstra has proven himself a bigot. He's not someone that I want, much less consider capable, of representing the great state of Michigan, and its residents of all colors and creeds.

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Letter to the Editor: ‘U’ must protect privacy


We don’t need more red tape or more antagonism between the various members of the university community. We need a culture where all parts of the university work together to uphold the university's core values.

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Letter to the Editor: Stop prolonging LGBTQ equality


It's only a matter of time before LGBTQ rights are finally attended to, and eventually become legal. So why not allow LGBTQ people their rights now, why prolong it? We, as a diverse community, can make that change, one vote at a time.

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