Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor: In Mid-East debate, there is little common ground


In response to the Daily’s recent editorial about the forum co-sponsored by the American Movement for Israel and Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (Extending the olive branch, 11/20/2008), I’d like to commend the two student groups for working together in order to foster dialogue and growth.

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Letter to the Editor: UPZ deserves credit for Israel-Palestine forum, too


I want to express my appreciation for the Daily taking notice of the significance of the American Movement for Israel and the Students Allied For Freedom and Equality sponsoring an event together. Whatever one's personal politics, anyone familiar with the debate on campus knows that this is not an everyday occurrence.

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Letter to the Editor: Daily should play part in informing student voters


It’s hard, though not impossible, to increase voter turnout, get things done that matter to the student body and be transparent about our governance without the Daily’s coverage, be it critical or supportive. That’s why it is unfortunate that LSA Student Government’s election was completely ignored by the Daily.

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Letter to the Editor: Transgender Day passes without Daily's attention


I am a 2006 graduate of the Law School. My partner is also a graduate of the Law School. We work in the Ann Arbor area and are on campus regularly. I am a member of the Spectrum Center’s Speaker’s Bureau and regularly speak to University classes about LGBT issues, specifically related to transgender status since I am a transgender woman.

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Letter to the Editor: Hamas unrepresentative of Palestinian opinion


Ari Parritz’s column Friday — although well argued and well reasoned — failed to provide any justifiable reason why the Israeli Defense Force is blockading humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip (One Qassam too many, 11/20/2008).

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Letter to the Editor: For second year, Daily misses Transgender Day of Awareness


Without even trying to seek out news on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, it came to me in at least five different ways on Thursday. I got e-mails from friends and student groups about it, received notifications and messages through MySpace and Facebook, saw some stickers around my house and heard coverage of it on Free Speech Radio News.

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Letter to the Editor: Quote by Rich Rod taken out of context by media


Josh Weingast completely missed the mark in his recent viewpoint about football coach Rich Rodriguez’s comments at last week’s press conference (A message for Rich Rod, 11/18/2008).

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Letter to the Editor: Rodriguez is not the coach he was made out to be


It is clear from this year's absolutely horrible performance by Michigan's football team that football coach Rich Rodriguez is not as wonderful a coach as many thought. Many of us were willing to give him a chance, but were also skeptical that his offense would produce in the beefy Big Ten. We skeptics were right.

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Letter to the Editor: A hopeful message for the Michigan football team


Dear Michigan football team,
It was a rough season, but such is life when you start from a new page. Regardless, we’re proud of you for putting your hearts into something we all love: Michigan football. The slight disappointment we feel after that fumble or just-out-of-reach pass will never compare to the joy that comes when you hold the ball in the end zone.

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Letter to the Editor: Blind support for Israel distances us from solution


The argument presented in Ari Parritz's column Friday was woefully one-sided (One Qassam too many, 11/20/2008). In Parritz’s introductory statements, he discussed military euphemisms: "firebombing industrial and refugee cities was ‘strategic;’ and destruction of worker villages was appropriately

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