Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Living in Baits is not as bad as writer presented


Recently I read William Petrich's Personal Statement about his experience living in Baits I (Baits won, 11/19/2008), and I would have to say that I am horrified that the Daily would print an article so full of lies. First, I worked at the Baits front desk, and I remember the author. As he described in his article, Petrich did receive a lot of mail, but most of it was letters.

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Letter to Editor: Student gov’t should do more to deserve student support

In response to Megan Madison’s recent letter to the editor encouraging students and the Daily to take more seriously student government elections (Daily should play part in informing student voters, 11/25/2008), as a senior, here are the things about our student government that I can remember over the past three and a half years:

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Letter to the Editor: Quality products key to auto industry success


I agreed with Bryan Kolk’s recent column about how universal healthcare would make U.S. companies (not just auto companies) more competitive (Healing the Big Three, 11/24/2008).

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Letter to Editor: We can learn from inspirational students who live on $1 a day


The Daily’s recent article about students living on only $1 per day for food for an entire month was very inspirational (Cheap eats: students set $1 food budget for charity, 11/24/2008). It takes a lot of courage and dedication to set out on a difficult and very demanding task like these students did.

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Letter to the Editor: A hopeful message in the wake of Mumbai attacks


In the wake of India's struggle for independence, Rabindranath Tagore, one of India's greatest poets, wrote about the image he sought for India in his poem “Where the mind is without fear.” In the aftermath of the attacks in Mumbai, these are bittersweet words for India but still words worth remembering. For so many of us, Tagore's poem is our plea.

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Letter to the Editor: Lloyd Scholars Program is a welcoming community


I was disappointed by the recent article in the Statement about the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program (About Campus: The secret of Lloyd island, 11/25/2008).

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Letter to the Editor: Giving thanks for Michigan football


I love Michigan. I love the people I’ve met here, the experiences I’ve had here and, most of all, I love Michigan football. Not 10 minutes after the clock ran out against Ohio State, my Facebook newsfeed was littered with comments like “Rich Rod is blowing up all kinds of records” and “What a fabulous record-breaking season” on their statuses.

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Letter to the Editor: In Mid-East debate, there is little common ground


In response to the Daily’s recent editorial about the forum co-sponsored by the American Movement for Israel and Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (Extending the olive branch, 11/20/2008), I’d like to commend the two student groups for working together in order to foster dialogue and growth.

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Letter to the Editor: UPZ deserves credit for Israel-Palestine forum, too


I want to express my appreciation for the Daily taking notice of the significance of the American Movement for Israel and the Students Allied For Freedom and Equality sponsoring an event together. Whatever one's personal politics, anyone familiar with the debate on campus knows that this is not an everyday occurrence.

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Letter to the Editor: Daily should play part in informing student voters


It’s hard, though not impossible, to increase voter turnout, get things done that matter to the student body and be transparent about our governance without the Daily’s coverage, be it critical or supportive. That’s why it is unfortunate that LSA Student Government’s election was completely ignored by the Daily.

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