Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor


Though I often disagree with the Daily's movie reviews, yesterday's critique of Valkyrie by Noah Dean Stahl ('Valkyrie' a noble plot that ends in failure, 01/12/2009) was an all-time low. It appeared, in fact, as if Stahl didn't even see the film before reviewing it. In the article, Stahl asks why the movie barely mentions the Holocaust.

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Letter to the Editor


It's curious that Kate Stenvig chose to criticize Israel's right to self-defense while praising President-elect Barack Obama (Continuing Obama's fight for unity, 01/12/2009).

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Letter to the Editor: Daily should publicize dire situation in Gaza Strip


The year has started, unfortunately, with devastating news from the Middle East. The situation there is critical and Gaza is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. The death toll has exceeded 700, and Israel still intends on continuing its vicious, inhuman attacks.

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Letter to the Editor: Column ignores concerns of atheists in nativity heist


In a recent column, Brandon Conradis shared his views regarding the theft of a sign placed near the Legislative Building in the state of Washington (The Reason for the Season, 12/08/2008). Conradis stated that because thesign was erected next to a nativity scene during the holiday that it was an attack on Christians and that he was disturbed by the location.

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Letter to the Editor: Balancing the right to return and the right to exist


Daniel Horowitz's recent letter to the editor focused on Israel's security and right to exist (In Mid-East debate, there is little common ground, 11/25/2008). It stated that a previous editorial was naive to call for Israeli and Palestinian supporters on campus to set aside their differences in order to engage in civil debate.

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Letter to the Editor: Gaza blockade is far from necessary or defensive


While I took issue with several of Ari Parritz's points in his recent column about how Israel should respond to rocket attacks in Sderot (One Qassam too many, 11/21/2008), I will limit the focus of this letter to a comment he made in passing when he referred to Israel's naval blockade of Gaza as a “painful but unfortunately necessary means of defense.”

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Letter to the Editor: Daily insults ‘U’ Rhodes scholar with mislabel


This letter is in regards to the recent news story about University student Abdul El-Sayed winning a Rhodes Scholarship (First 'U' student since 2004 wins Rhodes Scholarship, 11/24/2008). The article spoke very kindly about a good friend of mine. However, the Daily incorrectly referred to Sarah Jukaku as Abdul’s "girlfriend" prior to their marriage.

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Letter to the Editor: Excitement for basketball team starts with ‘U’


While it was great to see my fellow students finally turn out for a huge basketball game on Saturday, more needs to be done in order to generate this kind of excitement at future games. Responsibility for this falls not just with the students, but also with the University administration as well.

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Letter to the Editor: What Holocaust films do and do not mean


I found several things disheartening in Sheri Jankelovitz's arts notebook about the unnecessary spike in Hollywood making Holocaust movies (Mistaken efforts in recent Holocaust films, 12/04/2008).

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Letter to the Editor: Detroit Three would be better saved with Chapter 7 bankruptcy


I do not believe that the Detroit Three should be bailed out, loaned money or allowed to operate under bankruptcy protection. A swift Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation is not only the best solution, it is also the only one.

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