Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Maja Tosic: The weight of sadness


For far too many, the deterioration of one’s family brings upon their own silent deterioration. From emotional, mental, physical and financial abuse to divorce and parental neglect these issues are real among the people around you. They are omnipresent circumstances that have become embedded in too many bloodstreams.

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James Brennan: Israel, BDS and fake balance


CSG had an opportunity last night to contribute to a very meaningful, open, campus wide dialogue on one of the most divisive and important issues of our generation. They skirted that opportunity and further suppressed debate and dissent at the University. I don’t care what side of the issue you come down on, you should feel shame on your representatives for what they chose to do.

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Derek Wolfe: Moving toward community health


The healthcare system is too money-centric. Maintaining the function of my body should not be thought of as a business. We’re talking about human life here, not the board game.

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Harleen Kaur: The little things in life


The Power of 5 was a good wake-up call for me. I realized that not everything I do should be on my to-do list or scheduled into my Google calendar weeks in advance. Oftentimes, it’s the unplanned moments — coffee with a friend, running into an old professor on the Diag or going to see a movie on a Tuesday night — that make your undergrad experience.

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Emily Pittinos: How to be a girl


They say: this is how you sew on a popped button; this is how you comb lemon into your hair to coax out the blonde; this is how you bleach those fine mustache hairs; this is how you wield a razor without slicing your ankles. But porn stars and strippers are the only women who shave above the knee.

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Viewpoint: Support divestment, support human rights


Investing in companies that profit from military occupation and violence, no matter where or why, is wrong. And with thousands of viable alternatives, it is not necessary. In asking for the divestment from companies that continue to cooperate with the violation of Palestinian human rights, we are merely holding our University accountable to its stated moral and ethical standards.

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Patrick Maillet: Political theatrics


Democratic leaders have said that a bill on climate change won’t be brought before the floor in 2014. So what was the point of the talkathon about climate change? The same two motivations for everything else in Washington: money and theatrics.

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