Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Tyler Scott: Exactly the right time


For once, it at least feels like the student voice meant something, that it made a difference by providing a key outlet of discontent, and at exactly the right time.

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Sara Shamaskin: The RythM of community


The feeling that you matter, that you can elicit change, make people listen is a powerful feeling. A feeling that makes you want to stay at a university and continue to be a part of something that will forever remind you of college.

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Jenny Wang: Choosing the right college


I tell my students to stay conscientious. I tell them to strive for their goals and passions while also keeping an open mind. I tell them to prioritize their learning but not at the expense of their physical and mental wellbeing. In the end, though, my only wish is that they choose a school where they get the most out of their learning, and hopefully they will take a little less time to get there than I did.

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David Harris: When words are not enough


Jeff Nardone taught me the power of words, but sometimes there are things for which words don’t suffice. You try to cling and grasp at the topic with adjectives and allegories and every piece of linguistic style in your arsenal but inevitably fall over the metaphorical cliff you’re trying to describe.

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Sierra Brown: Six words


I never considered how hard it would be to discuss something about myself in six words.

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Yardain Amron: Jihad porn


Mid-Facebook procrastination session recently, I came across a video titled “[Graphic] Footage Recovered of ISIS Butchering 1500 Hostages Like Cattle.” The picture preview under the post was of what looked like a twenty-something, likely Arab, crouching and grimacing straight at the camera with a man behind him sprawled on the dirt with what looked like a blood splotch on his bare foot.

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Lauren McCarthy: Stuart Rankin’s simple reminder


When speaking with Mr. Rankin this past weekend, he was adamant on conveying this anecdote and its importance to me. He instructed that I listen closely, affirming that it is perfectly fine to be undecided on a choice of major and convincing me that there is no proven formula to determine the correct career path.

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