Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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James Brennan: Segregation by high rise


Desegregating housing would not just encourage students to become better friends with their peers but could lessen the effects of ever increasing polarization based on race and class.

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Derek Wolfe: Bettering beginnings


Goodbyes are often sad. However, beginnings are often scary, as I’ve realized once again this month. But, if we’re all willing to lend a hand to the new guy and be willing to establish trust as quickly as possible, I think we’d all be better off.

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Victoria Noble: #MyLiberalCampus is great for Republicans


In my experience, the University’s campus has supported dialogue on a plethora of issues—even when that dialogue criticized the University. That doesn’t mean faculty shouldn’t take care to ensure that it remains that way, or to evaluate seriously claims of students who had negative experiences in class.

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Harleen Kaur: Love over fear


Rather than raising daughters to be fearful or cautious of what men can or will do to her, why don’t we ask sons to treat their sisters with more respect? Rather than continuing to play the blame game, we should teach equality and justice, value and self-worth. Teaching love over fear has always been more powerful, and it will get us much farther, too.

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Zak Witus: The psychology of consumerism


If we’re willing to critique our own consumerist habits and sacrifice a bit of ignorant bliss, then we can align our actions with our higher ecological ethics. Maybe then we can live cleanly on Earth for a little bit longer.

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Mike Yee: When N=1


Though we have made great strides in combating exploitation, ridicule and neglect, much work remains to be done. For now, students remain vulnerable to mistreatment, and small sample sizes make it difficult to gauge whether or not one’s travails are “normal.” For now, ambiguity aids the abusive and vagueness validates the vindictive. For now, the N justifies the mean.

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Carlina Duan: The syllabus isn't enough


I don’t want to constantly nod my head. I want to ask questions. I want to remain restless. I want my brain to whir at high speeds. I want to learn, I want to celebrate. I want to create.

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