Monday, October 20, 2014

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Derek Wolfe: A little bit of ourselves


Seeing our favorite teams lose and fail to meet expectations triggers a soft spot because we’re all dealing with meeting expectations. Sure, ours aren’t coming from millions of fans. They’re coming from friends, family and ourselves. But, that doesn’t make them any less significant.

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Eli Cahan: Of memory, learning and training


Freshmen anticipate adding to their “bookshelf” of knowledge, whereas upperclassmen believe they’ll only need the knowledge the duration of the semester, and then POOF, out it goes with the spring cleaning. It’s not that the freshmen are wrong: in fact, they’re completely right in spirit. But, the upperclassmen know the practical phenomena of the classroom: whereby memory cycles operate on four-week intervals (unless, heaven forbid, the final is cumulative).

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Maura Levine: Beltway naïveté


I’ve ditched my naïveté and come to realize the human nature and the inevitable fallibility in each and every government servant.

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Rennie Pasquinelli: Beneficial frustration


The fear of not being listened to and believed isn’t too hard to fathom, considering the way rape and sexual abuse are treated in our society. But, when you gather a group of college-aged students who all oppose the extreme opinions of a conservative group, there appears to be an open space for dialogue about sexual assault.

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Tyler Scott: A Michigan community


Soon enough this stressful time too shall pass, and somehow we’ll have all survived, proving to ourselves once again why we deserve to stay here, and be champions.

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Austin Davis: Have your voice be heard


Students on Monday were indeed attempting to defy an inconveniencing reality. But if the reality of overpriced football tickets and a lackluster football program is what students are truly so vehemently against, they’ll find their hundreds-strong shout for change met with a louder laugh of ridicule based on the hilarity of their argument.

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Jenny Wang: Unspoken barriers


There are individuals who talk about how they’ve been writing/reading ever since they could walk, and use this fact as proof of some sort of natural talent, all the while ignoring the inherent privilege that comes with being born here and/or being raised by parents who also speak the (SAE) language fluently.

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