Friday, November 28, 2014

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Rennie Pasquinelli: Caught being Black


You aren’t hearing about this issue because Black people are more sensitive to police violence amongst their community members, or because Black people are more likely to be violent and criminals. You’re hearing about it because it is a tangible problem facing the Black community.

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Austin Davis: The battle over blood


The University of Michigan is an institution that is effectively stifling any potential for change BDU could have on the MSM policy by remaining inactive and unsupportive. Bureaucratic legalities are no excuse for inaction.

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Tyler Scott: Getting sick


Going to class sick is much more an act of survival than of selfishness. Comfort is the cost of progress and it has to be paid.

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James Brennan: The pendulum


People have always been falsely accused of crimes, and sexual assault is no exception. The University and other schools have clearly failed in their duty to protect students from rape and sexual assault, but they cannot answer by flippantly branding students as rapists. The University must continue to aggressively investigate claims of sexual violence while respecting in full the due process rights of the accused.

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Sara Shamaskin: Laughing away the stress


We need a chance to laugh. As students, we push ourselves to our mental, physical and emotional capacities while at a competitive university. We have to take a few seconds to forget about the grades that we feel define us and the workload ahead.

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David Harris: Leading the change


Despite current issues, it is clear that there is a place for college athletics and that much value that can come from them. Michigan must be at the forefront in defining the right role for athletics within the context of the University's mission, and also as a leading institution in shaping the inevitably changing landscape of the NCAA.

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Jenny Wang: Dressing like a woman


What, after all, is a woman? Isn’t she supposed to be white, heterosexual, beautiful, slim and tall (but not taller than her man)? Doesn’t she have an hourglass figure, strutting down the sidewalk like it’s her runway, her perfect hair bobbing and flowing in the breeze? Where exactly do I fit in that image?

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