Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Fine arts

Holy objects


From the yellowed bones of saints to the Shroud of Turin and the tears of the Virgin Mary, the supposed relics and reliquaries of medieval art have long been surrounded by great commotion. The veneration and purchasing of objects associated with holy figures is not something limited to “The Canterbury Tales”; the prospect of finding connections between the world of faith and the physical, tangible world is something that has always captivated people.

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More than just words


My last day in Manhattan began with a walk through SoHo’s art district, and it ended in a tiny apartment at the edge of Little Italy and Chinatown. There I found myself in the tight embrace of my grandmother, who asked me in Toisanese if I was going to return to New York next summer. I said yes, and told her to take care of herself, because we don’t say “I love you” in Chinese; we ask if you’re healthy, if you’re safe; we show things, do things.

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Emerging from the shadows


One step into Lane Hall and the eye is drawn to the photograph of a small child standing on the beach, then to the dead horse in the middle of the deserted road and finally to the crippled woman peering around the corner with her crutch. Each scene preserves an image of daily life in Haiti. The photographs continue around the lobby, each one going deeper into the reality of the Haitians and exploring the shadows they live within.

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Voicing the unspeakable


Body parts are the wagers for the twisted gambling game that is the beginning tableau of "Madmen and Specialists,” the season opener for the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. This is one of many gruesome parodies that inhabit the world of Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka's tragic satire.

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A hidden culture from a troubled time


Today, Ellen DeGeneres is the new cover girl. Gay and lesbian wedding announcements are displayed right next to heterosexual wedding announcements. There's an LGBT television channel. And there's new speculation surfacing that claims American cultural icons, such as Abraham Lincoln and Rock Hudson, were gay.

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Iraqi artists lecture on diaspora this Saturday


On Saturday, three Iraqi artists will sit on a panel to discuss the Iraqi diaspora. Iraqi-American actor Sarab Kamoo, and Baghdad natives Rahim Alhaj and Laith Alattar (both musician/composers) bring three unique perspectives to a multilayered international issue. The issues brought up through this panel may be complex, but they take place in a safe environment — one in which art is the main focus.

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With hip hop, a new theater edge


“Platanos and Collard Greens” has visited more than 75 college campuses and captivated more than 10,000 audience members since its debut in 2003, even though the fact that it's not actually about food (as the title implies). The play, sponsored by the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, will be performed at 7:00 p.m. in MLB Auditorium 4.

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