Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Fine arts

Art Fair in Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor Art Fairs
July 16-19
This is not your grandmother's art fair.
That's the message the Ann Arbor Art Fairs want you to believe, and truth be told, they're right. The phrase "art fair" may call to mind kitschy wooden dolls or intricately bent wire sculptures - more an excuse to spend cash on "summer collectibles" than anything else. But the Ann Arbor Art Fairs are more than that. Perhaps, to differentiate, we can take advantage of their proper noun status and call them just "the Fairs." They've earned it.

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Read the day away

Brian Merlos


Long before there were summer blockbusters or huge concerts in Chicago, there was summer reading. The rich and titled sat - no, reclined - on their estates, scanning John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and trying to look like they weren't checking out the hired help. Not much has changed - summer after summer, a desperate push is made to read all the stuff you didn't have time to read during classes, all the while fighting distractions like barbecues and pesky movie sequels. Here are a few to check out, providing you can tear your eyes away from "the help."

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No laughing matter


People were packed together like Tetris blocks, squeezing into every space available and a few that weren't.
I was led into a corner by Lisa, a representative from Borders marketing.
"Let's get off the floor," she said, "We'd rather not have people see this."
The clandestine act was simple: She slipped a yellow bracelet from her pocket and put it around my wrist, using her body as a shield to hide what she was doing. The bracelet would allow me to enter the event, held upstairs.

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Teriyaki Time a definite treat


The sound of sizzling food cannot be reproduced. A sweet sizzle conjures up images of cast iron pans, flames and intensely flavorful dishes washed in tangy sauces. It comes with its own aroma, always slightly charred and absolutely tantalizing. The sizzle is more than taste, it's a sense of a meal - a meal that's fresh, tasty and unabashedly showy.
Teriyaki Time has the sizzle down.

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Southern road trip inspires show


Despite the title, this exhibition is anything but "shit."

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Missed opportunities


I first came to the Daily wanting to do something this newspaper doesn't do: I wanted to review theater. I was dazzled and not a little surprised at the extent of accessible shows here. I was hopped up on writing about performance, having taken a mini-course on arts criticism right before college. But when I got to the Daily, my editor explained that reviews in the fine arts section weren't really done.

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Creativity from the Cell

Phillip Kurdunowicz


Annual show provides creative outlet for the incarcerated

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