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February 23, 2012 - 2:30pm

MTV-affiliated college network to visit the 'U' tonight


Besides being the creator of such stimulating entertainment as “Jersey Shore,” MTV also boasts a burgeoning college network, mtvU. The exclusive, just-for-us-college-kids network broadcasts to over 750 college campuses nationwide.

The network, which airs the newest up-and-coming music content and exclusive news tailored made for young students everywhere that, according to mtvU, can’t be seen anywhere else, frequently visits college campuses to host events like concerts and film upcoming content.

Tonight, mtvU and associates are setting up their cameras here in Ann Arbor to film the pilot episode of their new series about the best collegiate lectures. And it’s certainly no surprise that the University is at the top of their list for the “best of”-inspired series.

The 45-minute event, beginning at 6:15, is open to all ‘U’ students, and features LS&A American Culture professor Dr. Bruce Conforth, who will be sharing his legendary end-of-the-semester lecture with the student attendees.

Conforth is the first appointed Director of Curatorial and Educational Affairs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. He is also an accomplished country and delta blues guitarist, though it’s still unclear as to whether a spontaneous jam session will factor its way into the day’s events.

Show up to the filming at Blau Auditorium in the Ross School of Business tonight, and you might just end up having your face plastered across college campuses nationwide, courtesy of mtvU.

And remember, this is the collegiate version of MTV. Snooki wannabes need not attend.