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Residence hall renovation details released

By Molly Block, Daily Staff Reporter
Published February 17, 2013

Another large task for the West Quad renovations is addressing problems with its layout, Newman said.

“What we’re hoping to accomplish is the complete infrastructure renovations,” Newman said. “We’re hopefully going to be able to address some of the navigation issues around West Quad.”

West Quad renovations would complement some of the changes at South Quad, such as an alignment of the entrances of the two residence halls. South Quad will only have one entrance on the east side of building, compared with its current two-entrance layout.

“The goals of the program were to ensure that we had state-of-the-art life safety programs, to upgrade the infrastructure in heritage facilities, to modernize our dining facilities across campus, to introduce different styles of living arrangements and to design facilities that allow for better connection between living and learning,” Newman said.

University Housing spokesman Peter Logan said physical renovations to the residence halls are long overdue.

“Essentially this is all part of a multiple-year plan to revitalize and improve the living experience for Michigan students,” Logan said. “Major changes to the buildings have been deferred for many, many years and now we’re catching up with that to add another several generations of life to buildings that are vital to the campus experience.”

Assessments and studies about housing needs began in the 1990s, but the momentum for major renovations picked up when University President Mary Sue Coleman recognized residential living improvements as one of her top four priorities in 2002.