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February 28, 2011 - 11:39pm

Rocking this week's releases with Radiohead, Bright Eyes and The Dears


After this year’s Grammys, what could possibly happen this week in the world of music that would be worth a modicum of intrigue? I mean, Lady Gaga arrived at the awards in an egg, for God’s sake. A freaking egg. Rihanna showed up in what appeared to be plastic leis wrapped around her body (with nothing underneath, to the joy of males everywhere), Mick Jagger jived around onstage like it was 1975 and Eminem managed to accept an award for Best Rap Album of the Year without so much as cracking a grin. Compelling stuff. Oh yeah, and Arcade Fire won something, too … whatever. Lady Gaga was in an egg!

Not to top the egg, this week actually has some relevant releases. And by relevant, I mean a new Radiohead album, a questionable Bright Eyes one and something from a purported “black Morrissey.”

Radiohead — The King of Limbs — TBD

The Radiohead faithful were in for quite a treat this morning when the band announced it would be digitally releasing its eighth full-length album, The King of Limbs, this Saturday for those who pre-order the record on Radiohead’s website. When the band released its seventh album, In Rainbows, in 2007, it was made available online on a pay-what-you-want basis. This time around, an elaborate package is available for purchase with the pre-order, including two vinyl records, a CD, numerous sheets of artwork and the digital download before these other goodies arrive in May. Congrats, Radiohead — you just absolutely overshadowed Arcade Fire’s precious moment of victory at the Grammys in one fell swoop.

Bright Eyes — The People’s Key — Saddle Creek

It’s been awhile since Bright Eyes has released an album. Four years have passed since 2007’s alt-country, strings-heavy Cassadaga, but that doesn’t mean Conor Oberst hasn’t been busy. As a member of the, er, “supergroup” Monsters of Folk with Jim James and M. Ward and the release of a solo album, Oberst hasn’t been off the scene for long. But don’t expect the same ol’ emo warblings in Oberst’s emotive tone, as The People’s Key promises to cut back on the overwrought qualities of Bright Eyes’s back catalogue.

The Dears — Degeneration Street — Dangerbird

On their new album, The Dears focus on doing what they do best — creating soulful tunes with complex arrangements, aided by lead singer Murray Lightburn’s distinctive vocals. Hailing from indie Mecca of Montreal, The Dears deliver a record full of chunky guitars and decidedly Canadian rock.