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Pizza Challenge 2005

Daily Weekend Editors
Published April 13, 2005

Once the results had been tabulated, a clear winner emerged. Pizza House took first place in four of the eight categories, including Best Overall Taste. The testers remarked that they thought the sauce was flavorful, the cheese was high-quality, and the crust was good and crispy.

Beth Dykstra
Beth Dykstra
NYPD driver Hurol Ulupinar makes change for two pizzas at the Pizza Challenge. (ALI OLSEN/Daily)

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Final comments included “best yet,” “tastes really good” and “most flavor.” Leonardo’s had the weakest showing in the contest, averaging only a 1.6 out of ten in the Best Overall Taste category.

In general, the testers were picky, scoring only Cottage Inn, Marco’s and Pizza House above five in all categories.

Overall, the Pizza Challenge was a success. It proved that service in Ann Arbor is quick and efficient, and that good pizza isn’t too hard to find.

And The Winners Are...

Best Toppings:  Bell's Pizza

Best Cheese:  Pizza House

Best Sauce:  Cottage Inn

Best Texture:  Anthony's Cottage Inn

Best Overall Taste:  Pizza House

Least Greasy:  Cottage Inn, Marco's Pizza

Best Crust:  Cottage Inn, Pizza House

Best Dough:  Pizza House