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March 3, 2011 - 4:15pm

NFL analyst believes Harbaugh will be Michigan's next football coach


On ESPN's Football Today podcast, NFL analyst Adam Schefter said Thursday that he believes Jim Harbaugh will replace Rich Rodriguez as the Wolverines' head coach after the season.

The question directed at Schefter was in regards to the current Stanford coach's interest in the vacant San Francisco 49ers job, which Harbaugh is rumored to be a top candidate.

"They love Jim Harbaugh. My understanding is it's going to be very difficult to get him and I don't think he'll wind up there," Schefter said. "The sense is Jim Harbaugh will wind up at the University of Michigan ... Again, this is the buzz around the league. This is what smart people think is going to happen. That's the sense of people that I know, trust and respect — that Harbaugh will not go to the Niners, that he will go to Michigan. And it will be up to another NFL team to see if it could entice him and prevent him from going to a place like Michigan.

"One thing I feel certain about: Jim Harbaugh is going to leave Stanford."

Jason La Canfora, an NFL insider for the NFL Network, echoed Schefter's sentiment in a tweet on Thursday.

"As we chronicled earlier this week, NFL GMs I talk to, including some looking at coaches, think Harbaugh goes to U-M," La Canfora tweeted.