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Michigan assistant attorney general a derisive critic of MSA president

Daily News Editor
Published September 13, 2010

An assistant attorney general in the appellate division for Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is inserting himself into politics on campus.

University alum Andrew Shirvell has been actively speaking out against Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong since shortly after his election in March. Shirvell has periodically appeared at various campus events to protest Armstrong's presidency. He also maintains a controversial blog called “Chris Armstrong Watch,” where he criticizes what he calls the MSA president’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

Officials at the Attorney General’s office confirmed that Shirvell works for Cox and that they are aware of his public disapproval of Armstrong, including the blog. Officials also said on Wednesday that they would provide The Michigan Daily with a statement on the issue, but despite several follow-up inquiries over four business days, a statement was never received.

Shirvell declined to comment in an e-mail interview last month about whether his decision to speak out against Armstrong has affected his work for an elected official.

In the inaugural post on Chris Armstrong Watch in late April, Shirvell wrote about Armstrong’s election and his campaign to become MSA president. The first post was accompanied by a photo of Armstrong that has “Resign” written over his face and a rainbow flag with a swastika in the middle of it next to him.

In that post, Shirvell pointed out Armstrong’s time serving as chairman of MSA’s LGBT commission, which Shirvell describes as “a commission that solely focused on utilizing the student government to promote the radical homosexual agenda, including gay ‘marriage’ and adoption ‘rights.’ ”

“Armstrong's radical agenda includes mandating ‘gender-neutral’ housing,” Shirvell also wrote in the post, “so that cross-dressing students will not have to share a dorm room with a member of the same sex. This proposal, however, endangers female students, as it will also force heterosexuals of different genders to share the same room and will undoubtedly lead to a massive increase in rapes.”

When Armstrong arrived on campus this fall, Shirvell wrote a post on Sept. 1 entitled “What’s Past is Prologue: Armstrong’s VIOLENT Supporters & the Coming Persecution this Fall.”

In that post, Shirvell warned “…if events this past spring and summer are indicative of what's to come this fall when Armstrong is called out in public about his outright lies, then Christian, pro-life, and minority students on campus should be aware that they will be VIOLENTLY persecuted.”

Another post in early September criticized Armstrong’s comments at New Student Convocation. At the event, Armstrong told the new students in attendance that their “time here in Ann Arbor is as much about your own self-discovery as it is about your career.”

On his blog, Shirvell described that comment by writing, “It is clear that Armstrong's remarks constituted nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to cause sexually confused, and perhaps some impressionable, 17-and-18-year-olds to experiment sexually with members of their own gender.”

Other blog posts have been entitled “Chris Armstrong: The PRIVILEGED Pervert” and “Chris Armstrong & His Bullhorn: Portrait of a Radical Homosexual Activist at Work.”

In the interests of decency, the Daily decided not to publish some of the most inflammatory passages from the blog.

At last week’s MSA meeting, Shirvell called on Armstrong to resign during the community concerns portion of the meeting, criticizing his affiliation with senior society Order of Angell. In particular, Shirvell accuses Armstrong of lying during his campaign about his intention to join Order of Angell.

“Even the first gay MSA president is corrupted by his power,” he said at the MSA meeting.