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A2 eateries buy local to boost freshness, business

Daily Staff Reporter
Published December 2, 2010

Carolyn Teisan, front house manager at Silvio’s, said the restaurant uses 75 percent local products in the winter and up to 90 percent in the summer.

The restaurant uses local produce for everything, from dairy products, vegetables and pasta to beer, which is made at the Arbor Brewing Company, Teisan said.

“I think most people have no idea to what extent the food back there in the restaurant is either local organic or some sort of specialty food,” Teisan said, adding that Silvio Medoro, the restaurant's owner, himself goes to the market to purchase the items from local growers on Saturdays.

Teisan said Medoro tries to balance buying local foods with his vision for the restaurant.

“I think it’s a mix of being as local as possible and also staying true to his vision of doing authentic cooking from his region of Abruzzo, Italy, which is why some of the wine and certain products we carry would come from there,” Teisan said.

Amy Brown, a recent Silvio’s customer and Grass Lake resident, said she came to town just for the food. She said items on the menu had many nutrients and that the number of gluten-free options was impressive.

“It’s great for the local economy and I think the energy of the food is better because you get more nutrients in it, the closer it is from farm to the place you eat it,” Brown said.